Stewart & Mai Rogers, The Cove, Maui

March 01, 2013

December 28, 2012


Coordinator: 10
 Having never met our Photographer and Minister before the day of the wedding was interesting at the same time a little concerning, but due to the atmosphere of Maui being so relaxed and family amongst us, we all had a wonderful wedding day.
 We wished we could have spent some time getting to know our photographer Branden Sequeira. When I met Branden in the parking lot at our Wedding destination for the first time, I felt like he was one of my good friends.
 Meeting Richardo Hanakoo our Minister gave us a local authentic feeling. Richardo has such a warm and peaceful face you just want to sit back in the warm Maui air breeze and listen to any of his stories if he would be willing to share. The two of them were a great team on our special day. Branden was easy to be a model for and Richardo's words were so warm and meaningful. There was no hiccups that day, everything went wonderful.
Thank you Richardo and Branden for all your great work and words.
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