2002 Testimonials

July 22, 2013

Married July 13, 2002


Mahalo for a beautiful wedding. Everything was perfect!! We loved the minister & also the gorgeous photos that were taken. Gordon was a pleasure to work with! We will never forget our special day & appreciate all that you did to contribute to making it so special for both of us. Mahalo once again & yes you make use us as a reference.

Krista & Sean Palmer


Married July 3, 2002


Sorry its taken us so long to get caught up here and reply. We really needed another week in Maui to see and do all we wanted and have more relaxation time.
Anyway, our sincere thanks to you for making our marriage a most memorable occassion, and allowing us to not have to worry about all the details. The location of "The Cove" was spectacular and couldn't have been better. It was just what we hoped for, and the photos of us there are now a treasured reminder of what a perfect day it was for us.

One of the reasons we decided to get married in Maui was to escape from the pressures and demands of a conventional wedding. We could have run off to Las Vegas, but Maui was beckoning as a much more romantic alternative. We chose "A Paradise Dream Wedding" based on their professional presentation on their website, offering everything we were looking for. We were NOT disappointed! Gweyn, Gordon, and their staff made our dreams of a Hawaiian Dream Wedding a reality that we'll cherish for the rest of our lives.Mahalo, Gordon!

PS. Gordon:
I'm also attaching a few pics we have of you. If you want any of these in higher resolution, let me know and I can send them to you. We're both extremely pleased with all the pics and the video. Thanks again..Great job by all.











Myles & Donna



Married July 1, 2002


Coordinator: 10+
Minister: 10+
Photographer: 10+
Videographer: 10+ 
Flowers: 10+
Catering: NA
Musician: NA
Other: In room hair and makeup: 10+

Getting married nine hours and thousands of miles away from home was a big leap of faith for Brandon and I, but you all made it the most memorable and enjoyable event in our lives thus far. In the months before the wedding, when all brides are tediously evaluating every detail, Gwen answered all of my questions promptly and effectively. She put to ease my worries and handled every detail to perfection! Thank you Gwen! It was a perfect day. Gwen Elf performed magic with her in-room hair and makeup service on our wedding day. Her warm personality made me feel as though we had known each other for years. She truly listened to my concerns and was wonderful to work with. Our officiate, Ron, was truly heaven sent. I knew that when he came over to talk to each of us before the wedding that he was a very special, caring person. His kind, warm personality put Brandon and I at ease instantly. Thank you Ron for a beautiful service that touched both of us deeply. To many people had said "when it’s all over all you will have are the pictures and scattered memories". It is for this reason that we came to Maui, to have beautiful pictures and memories. Gordon’s pictures were absolutely amazing. They will be treasures for a lifetime. Since it’s only been a week, we haven’t gotten the video yet, but I have great confidence in Dan. Gordon, you and Dan, both made what is not our favorite thing (having our pictures made) a tremendously fun experience. We laughed and loved every minute of it! You made our memories beautiful. I can sincerely say that I have nothing but the deepest heartfelt appreciation for everyone involved in our wedding. You all have given us the greatest wedding gift of all, truly a paradise dream wedding!

With love and gratitude,
Brandon & Deidre Kilburn Maxwell


Married June 28, 2002


Coordinator: 10 
Minister: 10 
Photographer: 10 
Videographer: 10 
Flowers: 9 
Catering: n/a 
Musician: n/a

Tom and I had the most amazing day thanks to your services. Every one from your staff that was involved was gracious and warm and made us feel completely at our ease. It was truly a perfect wedding day. We are so grateful for everything. All of our guests have said they were moved by the ceremony and that it was one of the most beautiful and relaxed weddings they've ever attended. Thank you so much for making our wedding day one that will be remembered as one of the most extraordinary events of our lives.

Married June 17, 2002


Hi Gordon

We just wanted to thank you both again for doing such
a wonderful job at our May 19th wedding. The whole
wedding went so smoothly --it could not have been
better! You both made us feel so comfortable and it
was better than either of us expected! We watch our
video all the time and look at our awesome pictures!
We may give you some business as everyone cannot
believe the pictures, video, etc!! I cannot imagine
getting married any other way! All of you could not
have been more professional! Thank you for what you

Take care, 
Nicole and Raj Daswani

Married June 12, 2002

Aloha and thanks again for everything - we were very happy with all the wedding arrangements and the pictures are beautiful! I hope all is well with you. Harry and I loved our wedding day! The weather was beautiful, the church was quaint and intimate, Lennie performed a wonderful ceremony with all the Hawaiian elements we wanted, Hale's music was perfect, the pictures turned out beautifully, the video was fun to make and looks great! We couldn't have wished for anything better!!

Thanks for everything, you made it all so easy and enjoyable - we would do it again tomorrow if we could!

Marla & Harry Kengen


Married May 31, 2002


Coordinator: 10
Minister: 10
Photographer: 10
Videographer: NA
Flowers: 10
Catering: NA
Musician: 9

It was lovely and we will recommend you to anyone we know ofwho decides to marry on Maui! We loved the church you helped get and the flow of everything done. It is hard for my European wife and family to grasp some of US culture such as tipping and other
service things, but I want you to know that they had such a great time that you will also probably start seeing some foreginers come over as a result of such great service and results. I hope I gave enough. Here also attached below are copies of the VOWS card I made with Johanna in both English and Dutch --for our families to keep. We will be back one day too. Thanks again!

Jeff Filipov


Married May 30, 2002


Every thing was all we dreamed of and more. Thank you so much for a wonderful wedding and catering services. I am 100% satisfied with the photos, the video, the ceremony, and the catering. The Woman who did my hair and makeup was also top notch. Everything was very smooth as far as the wedding went and I really liked the personal attention. Our minister was exceptional, he made a beautiful sermon, and spoke to the nervous bride and groom in a way that they did not have to think too much! Also, we felt like he was an old friend. Thanks so much, I can't rave enough about how perfect our wedding day was! 

Aloha, Lynn and Sam Nappi


Married May 24, 2002

Overall we were very very happy with our wedding. Everything was pretty much flawless and enjoyable from start to finish. Gordon’s pictures were excellent with almost every shot being one we’d want to print. The most important thing for me though is I felt I could trust Paradise Dream Wedding. Trust is a very important part of this process since everything is being arranged through email or over the phone and there’s no way to really know what your getting until the final moment. The quality of the web site, the conversations over the phone, and the testimonials all contributed to that feeling of trust. Thanks for everything and we would definitely recommend you to our friends.
Married May 6, 2002  
We were delighted with everything!

Coordinator: 10
Minister: 10
Photographer: 10
Videographer: 10
Flowers: 10
Catering: N/A
Musician: N/A
Other: The cake was great!
Bill and I were just so thrilled (and relieved) at how wonderful everything was. Gwen had it well organized, the cake was beautiful, and of course Gordon did a terrific job with the photo's! He's amazing! Also, the video was an unexpected delight - first class, quality product.

Outstanding team of professionals!

Thanks for everything-
Teri Parker


Married May 18, 2002


Jason and I want to sincerely thank everyone involved in making our dream wedding a reality. Everything was absolutely perfect. Please tell everyone (Gordon Nash, Gwen Clark, Ron Winckler, Dan McMahan, Sue Helmer, the harp lady, the florist and Dimitri) how wonderful everything was. We will never forget our beautiful wedding.

Thank you so much. We are spreading he word about a Paradise Dream Wedding to everyone we know!

Love Sara and Jason

Married May 2, 2002


Coordinator: 10
Minister: 10
Photographer: 10
Videographer: 10
Flowers: 10
Catering: N/A
Musician: 10

I was quite nervous leaving all the details of my special day up to somebody else, needless to say, over 2,000 miles away. Once I arrived at our wedding site, I was quite pleased! The tropical flowers were so fragrant and beautiful, the music was perfect, and the staff (minister/photographer/videographer) were so pleasant and made me quite relaxed. My wedding turned out more beautiful than I imagined. I will truly have a special memory of my wedding day, thanks to the folks at A Paradise Dream Wedding. THANK YOU

Kimberly J. Jennings
David C. Burns, IV


Married April 4, 2002


Dear Gordon,

Thank you for very much for arranging a most memorable and wonderful wedding ceremony for us. We've received the photographs, CD-ROM and were able to pick-up the video before we left Paradise on Saturday. Everything was wonderful. Of course, we would be pleased if you chose us as a reference. We will advise any prospective couples planning a ceremony that your services are very professional and well organized, the pre-ceremony arrangement and follow-up is timely and accurate, and that our experience could not have been better.

Ron & Toshiko


Married April 2, 2002


Planning was made easy via the phone with Gwen and through the internet. Although my wedding was a simple one, you guys made sure it was still special. Gwen assured me she could and would do everything I asked for. My bouquet was PERFECT....just as I had wished (remember Gwen...I mailed you the picture?) The beach park was a perfect setting and my minister was great! The memories made there are ones I'll cherish for a lifetime. Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!


Julie & Matthew


Married March 24, 2002


Hi Gordon,
Thanks again for helping make our wedding a memorable experience, and for the wonderful photos. We've made a ton of reprints already, and are still making more. Here is our wedding survey response:

Coordinator: 10
Minister: 10
Photographer: 10
Videographer: 10
Flowers: 10
Musician: 10
Other: 10

Once again, thank you for making our wedding in Maui truly a memorable experience. Everything was just perfect, down to the pair of whales that frolicked offshore during the ceremony. (Still don't know how you guys arranged that!) Your friendly and always ready-to-help staff took all the stress out of the planning process, and rather made it really easy and fun for us. Then the entire wedding day went off better than we could have possibly imagined. The minister was extremely affable and conducted a very dynamic ceremony, and everyone enjoyed the harpist's playing, as it provided a perfect background to the event. And to top if all off, the photos and video were simply breathtaking. The phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" could not be more true with regard to Gordon's photos, as they creatively captured the beautifully stunning colors and essense of Maui. Everyone wants copies of the photos, and we're still making reprints for everybody! Everytime we look at the photos or watch the video, it's as if we're taken right back to Maui and doing it all over again. We know that our sentiments will be echoed by every other couple who chooses to tie the knot in Maui and work with your wonderful staff. Thanks again for everything.

Warmest regards,
Zhiling and Frank


Married March 14, 2002


The service that we received from Gordon and his group was exceptional. We were absolutely thrilled with the professionalism of everyone involved in planning our special day, February 9, 2002. Everything was co-ordinated perfectly and the day flowed so smoothly. Prior to the wedding we were a little bit stressed out... not really knowing what to expect when we arrived in Maui. I recall Gwen telling us "All you need to do is show up" and that's exactly what we did- we just showed up! Everything fell into place... like it had been rehearsed for weeks! We never thought that planning a wedding could be so stress free. We are not sure how we stumbled on your website originally... but we were very glad that we did.

Gordon- the pictures you took were absolutely spectacular. We received so many compliments. People have us convinced that our wedding picture needs to be on the cover of a magazine! Ha, ha! You truly have talent... Thanks again for making our special day so wonderful.

Sincerely, Stephen & Anthea Atwell 


Married March 13, 2002


Minister: 10
Photographer: 10 
Videographer: 10
Flowers: 10 
Musician: 10

We were so very happy with your services for our wedding! It was so nice to have a worry-free wedding!! We were also very happy to be able to get some beach shots! We had a wonderful time and can't thank you enough!! Everything turned out great and we are so happy we chose to get married in Maui!!!!
Thanks again!

Holly & Matthew Lefebvre


Married February 10, 2002


Coordinator: 10
Minister: 10+ (Ron Winkler)
Photographer: 10
Videographer: 10 (we love the DVD)
Flowers: 8


We were thrilled with everything!! It was exactly want we wanted our wedding to be!! The photos Gordon took are excellent. Honestly, the photos are better than I had hoped for. And the option to have them printed in both color and black/white was terrific. The wedding video is excellent as well. The family loves it. Minister Ron was wonderful and exactly what we were wanting in a minister. . .loving, passionate and sincere. The whole experience was first class! Gordon and his staff are wonderful and understand that this is your "special" day. . .and they make it one! To be honest, we were more than a little worried about all the details being that we live on the mainland and having a stranger arrange one of the most important days of our lives. How would the minister be? How would the flowers be? How would the whole ceremony go? Well, We are completely 150% thrilled with all that Gordon and his staff did for us. Thanks you all for making our wedding day everything we dreamed of! 

Also may we use you as a reference?
Yes. If anyone wants to e-mail me with any questions about Gordon, I can be 
reached at nikihinric@aol.com.

Thanks again, Gordon, it was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brad and Nicole Johnson


Married February 5, 2002


Date: Tuesday, 5:55 PM
From: Kevin & Saori North <kevin-saori@rogers.com>
Reply-To: <kevin-saori@rogers.com>
To: 'Erika Anderson' <eahn@onpoint-legal.com>

Your instincts are 100% correct. You should not hesitate for one second to choose "A Paradise Dream Wedding" to marry you. My wife and I just came back from Maui (about 2 weeks ago), and we were so impressed with Gordon's entire crew. From the research that we did, if you choose anyone else to marry you I think you will be making a big mistake. I can tell you that our wedding was absolutely perfect !!! If we had to do it all over again, we would not have changed a single thing.

In brief ...
Photography: Incredible. Gordon is a brilliant photographer (and a true professional). He captures the mood perfectly. Would you believe that my wife and I loved every single picture that he took ?! Even the best of photographers don't achieve that kind of success. When you see Gordon in action, you will know that you made the right choice.

Video: Dan McMahon and his wife Jeane are absolutely amazing ... you will be so pleased !!! Dan is really fun to work with, and he really helps to make the mood relaxed. Like Gordon, Dan knows how to capture the spirit of the wedding, and perhaps more importantly, all the things that make your relationship unique. We highly recommend Dan and Jeane.

Coordination: Gwen was the person that actually coordinated our marriage for us. She was really patient to work with, especially when you want to add or change items in your package. Because their packages are so flexible, you will definitely want to personalize .... and Gwen will make it so easy for you.

Don't worry about planning from afar Erika. My wife and I live in Toronto, Canada and we did all the arrangements by phone and email ... it was not complicated at all. My wife and I would be happy to answer any other specific questions that you might have. 

As far as we're concerned, the decision in front of you is an easy (and obvious) one to make.

Congratulations and Good Luck !!

Kevin & Saori North


Married February 7, 2002


I could not have been more pleased with my “Paradise Dream Wedding”!! The actual coordination of the wedding was completely stress free, unlike a traditional wedding. Gordon did such a fabulous job and left no detail unturned. Since returning I have recommended this style wedding and in particular “Paradise Dream Weddings” to everyone I know that’s getting married. My biggest concern when planning this wedding was that we have professional quality pictures and video. Seeing all the photos in the gallery at the :Paradise Dream Wedding” website was the deciding factor on who I chose as a coordinator. I was not let down! As a matter of fact, the pictures and video exceeded my expectations. It was hard choosing which ones to put into our wedding album because they were all so good. 

Overall, the experience was terrific and the memories will last a lifetime!


Gwynne L. Aidala


Married Dec.3,2001


Our photos turned out even better than we had imagined--the colors are extremely vivid, and the focus is razor-sharp. I didn't realize how difficult it was to shoot outdoor photos in Maui--with the super-bright sunlight and the dark shadows. We loved the ceremony location and hotel area so much, and your photos captured the beauty of the area. I was most impressed when I saw a photo of a candid moment (when I ran into my husband's brother, prior to the ceremony). I had no idea that Gordon had taken the shot, and it was a priceless moment. Himani also covered the ceremony in great detail--the digital images are superb! I'm glad that we chose to order a good amount of footage--it was definitely worth it. 

Also may we use you as a reference?
Absolutely--but I would rather not have our names posted on your website. I would be more than happy to accept email questions from prospective customers. If anyone needs to be convinced that your company provides the best photos, I'm your girl.