2010 (1) Testimonials

July 27, 2013

Married September 17, 2010


Coordinator: (Jayanne) 10
Minister: (Dennis) 10
Photographer: (Eric) 8
Videographer: (Brian) 9
Flowers: (Suzann) 10
Location: (S.Maluaka) 10
On-site coordinator: (Suzann) 10
Travel Agent: (Joanne) 10
Salesperson: (Booking) 10

Having said that, however, the overall experience was FANTASTIC. Getting married on the shores of South Maluaka beach was an incredibly memorable moment and I for one, am glad that we chose to tie the knot in Maui.

Our photographer and videographer were both cheery and professional, though we would have liked to have received the photos a bit sooner, it is understandable with the workload that Eric has to deal with.

It was a breath taking experience we will both remember for a lifetime.

Thank you very much for helping us achieve such precious moments to start our life together!

Rachel & Michel Paez
Toronto, ON


Married September 16, 2010


Coordinator: (Jo) 8
Minister: (Dennis) 10
Photographer: (Branden) 10
Videographer: (Brian) 10
Location: (The Cove) 10
Salesperson: (Booking) 8

My husband and I located your website on the internet while attempting to decided where to get married. We knew we wanted to get married on the beach but wern't exactly sure quite where. We were a bit skeptical at first since we were going so far away to be married and we wanted our wedding day to be nothing less than perfect. However, from our first interaction on the phone with your staff, we were immediately put at ease.

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect. We couldn't have asked for a better setting, minister, videographer, photographer or better weather. That day will stick in our minds for the rest of our lives.

A special thank you to Brenden, our photographer. Our pictures were absolutely breathtaking. They far exceeded even our expectations. When we have shared our pictures with our family and friends, they cannot believe what a beautiful place we were married. Almost everyone has commented, the background looks so beautiful that it almost looks fake. I think some of them are even just a bit jealous.

Thanks to everyone who played a role in making our special day simply magical.

Jodi & Robert Dunn II
Baldwinsville, New York


Married September 7, 2010


Coordinator: (JO) 9
Minister: (KIMO) 10
Photographer: (Gordon) 10
Flowers: (Della) 10
Hair & Makeup: (Andrea) 10
Location: (The Cove) 10
Travel Agent: (Joanne) 8
Salesperson: (Booking) 10

Everything was perfect. We were so relaxed and enjoyed the day a lot. My in room hair and make-up was worth every penny we paid for it. Gordon and Ian were very nice and did an amazing job on our photos. I couldn't have asked for a better service or photographers and minister. We did a non-religous/traditional Hawaiian service and Kimo did a wonderful job. The ceremony was beautiful and very meaningful. We loved everything!!

Thank you so much for making our special day more special.


Amy & Steven Johansen
Philadelphia, PA


Married September 3, 2010


Coordinator: (Jayanne) 9
Minister: (Al) 10
Photographer: (Ian) 10
Flowers: (Shari) 8
Location: (The Cove) 10
On-site coordinator: (Shena) 10
Travel Agent: (Joanne)
Salesperson: (Booking)

This was a great experience for my husband and I. We would recommend this company to anyone. We wanted a simple wedding and didnt want to deal with hectic details; everything was perfect and we wouldnt change a thing.

Jenna & Bj Morgan
Klamath Falls, OR


Married July 27, 2010


Coordinator: (Jo) 10
Minister: (Laki) 11
Photographer: (Arien) 10
Videographer: (Brian) 10
Flowers: (Asa) 10
Location: (The Cove) 10

The process was very easy.  Felt very comfortable with everyone involved.  The minister (Laki) was fabulous, very funny.  The setting was perfect.  That everything was done for us with only a small amount of decision making was great for us.  The ease of applying for a marriage license was surprising, and the fact that the appointment was made for us and directions given was good.  Very good experience, THANK YOU.

Sandi & Brian Rundio
McHenry, IL


Married July 10, 2010


Coordinator: (Jayanne) 9
Minister: (Dennis) 9
Photographer: (Ian) 9
Videographer: (Dan) 9
Flowers: (Della) 9
Musician: (Ginny/Harp) 7
Limo: (Coastline)7
Hair & Makeup: (Regina) 9
Location: (DT Flemming) 9
On-site coordinator: (Shena) 8
Travel Agent: (Joanne) 9
Salesperson: (Booking) 9

Our wedding was absolutely wonderful. Your coordination services made it so easy to plan and everyone was so professional. My husband and I were able to plan our whole wedding remotely without having to travel to Hawaii to make any major decisions. I was nervous to pick a coordinator I hadn't met...so many websites offer so called wedding packages. Some looked good but others seemed shady. I'm so glad we went with you guys. Our wedding was just as we had imagined.

Thanks again!


Nicole & Greg Pajer
Studio City, CA


Married July 7, 2010


Coordinator: (Jo) 10
Minister: (Vance) 9
Photographer: (Ian) 10
Videographer: (Brian) 10
Flowers: (Shari) 10
Limo: (Barons) 11
Hair & Makeup: (Jean) 11
Location: (The Cove) 11
On-Site Coordinator: (Jo) 10
Sales Person: (Joanne) 11

Robert and I had a fantastic wedding day. The travel arrangements and wedding planning were super simple with the help of your staff. I never felt stressed or worried about a thing. Everything was perfect. Thanks for making it a stress-free and enjoyable experience. I recommend it to every couple I come across who has recently been engaged.

Carrie & Robert
Redlands, CA


Married July 6, 2010


Coordinator: (Jo) 10
Minister: (Tino) 11
Photograher: (Arien) 11
Hair & Makeup: (Andrea) 11
Location: (The Cove) 10
Sales Person: (Joenne) 10

The entire experience was fantastic.  The coordinator lined everything up and made it easy, even accommodating a change in wedding date.  Then we had a fun and relaxed experience with the hair and make-up - just what was needed on the wedding day.  Then, we were blown away by Tito's moving officiating at the actual ceremony.  Arien then took some out of this world photos to capture the moment.  We were both very pleased with our expectations exceeded on all counts.  Thank you.

Anela & Dan Mihaescu
Berkley, Michigan


Married June 24, 2010  

Coordinator: (Jo) 8
Minister: (Vance) 11
Photograher: (Branden) 10
Flowers: (Shari) 10
Location: (Poolenalena) 10
On-Site Coordinator: (Shena) 10

Branden did such a wonderful job on our photographs!  He really captured the excitment and happiness of our wedding.  Our minister Vance Rosete did a phenomenal job.  Overall the wedding was a dream come true, and everything and more I could have ever imagined.  Paradise wedding made the planning so easy and our wedding very enjoyable.  Thank you so much!!!

Jerica & Alex
Sun Prairie, WI


Married June 7, 2010


Coordinator: (Jayanne) 9
Minister: (Laki) 10
Photograher: (Arien) 9
Flowers: (Della) 10
Cake & Toast: 7
Musician: (Tim) 8
Hair & Makeup: (Regina) 10
On-Site Coordinator: (Della) 10
Sales Person: (Joanne) 10

We have received amazing comments on our wedding, mostly that it couldn't have gone better. It is a risk to plan something so important from a distance but everything went smoothly and we didn't have to stress at all. I know we made the right decision using A Paradise Dream Wedding. Thank you so much to everyone who took part in making our special day so wonderful!

Brenna & Douglas Ergish
Great Falls, MT



Married May 7, 2010


Coordinator: (Jayanne) 10
Minister: (Laki)10
Photographer: (Eric) 10
Videographer: (Dan) 9
Flowers: (Della) 10
Hair & Makeup: (Andrea) 10
Location: (Makena Beach & Golf Resort) 10
On-site coordinator: (Della) 9

Both Doug and I could not have dreamed of a wedding more romantic, more relaxing and more indescribably beautiful than what we shared with APDW.

From the moment we started planning, Jayanne, was very patient with us. She gave us her honest opinions and immediate feedback. Jayanne was very easy to work with. We believe that her expertise is rooted from her true and genuine love for making others' dreams come true.

Before our big day, Doug and I, went to take a peek at our wedding site. I had instant tears. Not only does, Makena Beach & Golf Resort have a fabulous staff, who are so kind-hearted and courteous...they also have the most breathtaking garden and waterfall.

The day of our wedding, I was a wreck. I come from a long line of perfectionists...so, even though I knew everything was well taken care of for the day, my nerves still seemed to get the best of me. My hair and make up stylist was so fabulous and gracious. Even though, I had had multiple trials done, the day of our wedding, my hair just didn't want to work. I became very emotional. My hair stylist not only calmed me down, but took out my hair and re-did it...only minutes away from us having to leave (now if that isn't a love for making others happy, I don't know what is). She topped everything off with her excellent make up skills.

Upon arrival, we (my dad, sister and I) were greeted by our photographer (Eric) and our on-site coordinator. They helped us to relax a lot!

Pastor Laki performed our marriage ceremony. It was very serious, but so fun at the same time! Not having ever met him, he seemed so personable and delightful--and yes, as we were told, we really did just want to pack him up and take him home with us after the wedding!

Throughout the day, our photographer, Eric, was so energetic and creative. We are extremely happy with our pictures - they are truly remarkable.

We are so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to share our day with APDW. Both Doug and I, as well as many of our family members, plan on visiting Maui numerously in the upcoming years. We would not hesitate to recommend APDW to anyone!

Thank you to every member on staff at APDW - you all have so much love in your hearts and will always have a special place in our hearts for making the day we became husband and wife so extraordinary.

Sabrina & Doug Fentie
Fairview, Alberta, Canada


Married May 12, 2010


Coordinator: (Jo) 8
Minister: (Vance) 11
Photograher: (Branden) 9
Cake & Toast: 5
Hair & Makeup: (Andrea) 9
Location: (The Cove) 10
On-Site Coordinator: (Della) 8


We really like the pictures, but when choosing a photographer we had underlined that we preferred rather spontaneous photos (not so much posing), therefore waiting for the perfect wave in the background did not exactly interest us, as well as incredible amount of "kiss" scenes.

The Minister was wonderful and everything else went perfectly!


Ausra Francesco 
Brussels, BELGIUM


Married February 10, 2010


Coordinator: (Jo) 10
Minister: (Al) 11
Photograher: (Gordon) 11
Videographer: (Dan) 10
Flowers: (Della) 10
Catering/Reception: 11
Cake & Toast: 11
Hair & Makeup: (Andrea) 10
Location: (Po’olenalena) 10
Sales Person: (Joanne) 10

I could probably go on for hours regarding the wonderful service we received from A Paradise Dream Wedding, but I think you would cut me off after about 1/2 hour. :)

When I stumbled upon your website searching for a wedding coordinator, your photos simply drew me in. I kept coming back to the site wondering, “Can they really be this good?” I scoured through your testimonials & found three couples from IL who previously used your service and turned into a stalker; Googled them, and called them to get a first-hand testimony of your services. Two of the three brides called me that same night with glowing reviews. That’s when I knew, APDW was the way to go.

From the very first contact, the top-notch service never ended! Jo Thurman  answered every question I threw her way, offered suggestions, and were most helpful in making our special day a wonderful experience! Jo connected us with Rebekah to coordinate activities for us and our family travelling with us, as well as Carol at the Four Seasons where we decided to hold our reception dinner thanks to her courteous, friendly and service-driven attitude. Both Rebekah and Carol were professionals of the highest caliber!! I’ve already recommended them both to friends travelling to Maui. If I could give them a 12, I would!

Jo also coordinated for Andrea to come to our resort to do my hair & make-up. Andrea was simply a joy to work with. She truly helped me feel like a princess on our special day.

I am at a loss for words when it comes to Rev. Al Terry. He has a wonderful aura about him that immediately made us feel “at home” with him. We knew in that instant that we’d made a GREAT choice in having him officiate our ceremony. THANK YOU!

Dan, our videographer was wonderful to work with. We cannot wait to see the DVD. Given the level of service in all the other areas, we’re sure it will be worth the wait!

Lastly, we cannot stop glowing over our BEAUTIFUL pictures. The very thing that drew us to APDW in the first place was on target! Gordon Nash and Ian Shepherd did a FANTASTIC job with our pictures. It’s impossible to pick a favorite... or even ten favorites! Thank you both for such beautiful pictures of our wedding. The few (OK, over one hundred) that were posted to your Smug Mug gallery are only a peek into the full collection you ultimately sent us. We wish they were all posted so everyone could see and enjoy your work.

You do an amazing job capturing the moment. Your photo-journalistic quality caught those unaware and non-posed moments in such a way that I just cannot stop smiling! We would love nothing more than to once again visit your beautiful paradise and have an anniversary photo shoot with you.

Thank you for these incredible images that bring us right back to the happy moment when we joined hands and joined our lives. Thank you to each and every one of you who played an integral part in our wedding.. "Thank you" just doesn’t seem like enough!

Mahalo nui loa!!!

Gracie & Tony Inacay
Chicago, IL


Married January 5, 2010


Coordinator: (Jo) 9
Minister: (Kimo) 10
Photograher: (Ian) 10
Videographer: (Brian) 10
Flowers: (Della) 9
Hair & Makeup: (Kristal) 9
Location: (DT Fleming) 9
Sales Person: 9
Travel Agent: 9

It was absolutley wonderful everything that we asked for was done. I would recommend you all to anyone who is looking to have a destination wedding. Thank you very much for making our special day perfect.

Jackie & Hunter Prislovsky
Stuttgart, AR