2009 (2) Testimonials

July 27, 2013

Married December 13, 2009


Coordinator: 10
Minister: (Kimo) 10
Photograher: (Ian) 9
Flowers: (Asa) 10
Musician: (Tim) 9
Location: (DT Fleming) 8

It was a beautiful wedding and things went well. I have no complaints!  The location was beautiful, but not as quite and serene as we had hoped.  The couple watching about ten feet away was certainly memorable though.  The photographer did a great job and the musician.  Overall we were happy with the wedding and if we had it to do again would make very few changes.

Cienna &  Zac Thrasher
Lubbock, TX

Married November 25, 2009


Coordinator: (Jo) 10
Minister: (Denise) 11
Photograher: (Gordon) 10
Flowers: (Shari) 10
Hair & Makeup: (Andrea) 10
Location: (Po’olenalena) 8
On-Site Coordinator: (Shena) 10

Our wedding was absolutely amazing thanks to your team!  You guys did a wonderful job with every detail of the day. All of the stress that comes with a wedding was removed and we were able enjoy the entire day because of your exceptional planning and attention to detail.  Jo was our coordinator and listened to every detail we wanted and as a result the day was exactly what we had hoped it would be.   Gordon was fantastic!  Our pictures turned out better than I could have ever imagined.  Thank you so much A Paradise Dream Wedding our day truly was a Dream Come True.

Amber & Rob 
Gig Harbor, WA

Married November 10, 2009


Coordinator: 7
Minister: 11
Photograher: 9
Flowers: 8
Catering/Reception: 10
Musician: 9
Hair & Makeup: 9
Location: 10
On-Site Coordinator: 10
Sales Person: 8

We chose to have an onsite dream wedding at Maui Ka’anapali Villas and it couldn't have been more perfect! The location was excellent and the hotel staff were very accommodating. Pastor Laki was absolutely amazing, everything we dreamed of in a Hawaiian minister. The onsite coordinator and photographer were also very helpful, professional, and easy to work with.

Chantelle & Mike
Lethbridge, AB

Married November 4, 2009


Coordinator(Jo): 10
Minister(Vance): 11
Photograher(Jonathan): 9
Hair & Makeup(karine): 9
Location(The Cove): 11

Everything was perfect, tough we are still waiting our official marriage licence.


Terhi & Markku Hyv Rinen
Kirkkonummi, Finland

Married October 25, 2009


Coordinator : 11
Minister(Kimo): 11
Photograher(Arien): 11
Location(Kapalua Bay): 11

What an amazing experience we had with your company! Everything was perfect, we could not have been happier. Our photographs are incredible, our coordinator was right on top of things & our minister was phenomenal.  Thank you so very much for truly giving us the experience of a lifetime! You are the best in the field!

critique: Nothing. You can't improve perfection!


Karyn & Travis Schofield
Pendleton, Oregon

Married October 17, 2009


Coordinator: (Jayanne) 10
Minister: (Kimo) 11
Photographer: (Eric) 11
Videographer: (Dan) 10
Flowers: (Della) 11
Hair & Makeup: (Andrea) 10
Location: 11
Sales Person: (Joanne) 10

Everything was amazing!! Jayanne did a fantastic job of making the planning process from so far away very easy.

Our photographer Eric did a FANTASTIC job. He really captured everything perfectly from our special day and was a joy to work with.

Our videographer was awesome. He made us laugh all day.

Working with you guys was more than imaged. I would recommend you to anyone. My wedding day was perfect!

Derek & Heather Helvey
Chicago, IL

Married October 12, 2009


Coordinator: (Jayanne) 9
Minister: (Cleighton) 8
Photograher: (Ian) 11
Flowers: (Shari) 10
Location: (DT Fleming) 10

Jayanne's responsiveness and advice was greatly appreciated.  She was very available via email.  Ian was our life-saver.  Our flight was cancelled, we almost missed our own wedding, ended up getting to Maui about 2 hours before the ceremony, missed our hair appointments, etc.  We were stressed to say the least.  Not only did Ian take amazing, gorgeous, artful pictures but he was the voice of calm reassurance and reminded us the day was all about the two of us no matter what.  We are forever grateful to him for making our day so beautiful.


Heather & David
Gilbert, AZ

Married October 9, 2009


Coordinator(Jayanne): 10
Minister(Denise): 10
Photograher(Arien): 10
Location(The Cove): 10
Sales Person(Joanne): 10

everything was simple and fantastic.  I couldn't have asked for anything more


Laura & Don 
Elyria, Ohio

Married September 18, 2009


Coordinator: (Jayanne) 11
Minister: (Denise) 11
Photograher: (Eric) 11
Flowers: (Asa) 11
Musician: (Tim) 11
Location: (Po’olenalena) 11
On-Site Coordinator: (Della) 11
Sales Person: 11

Coordinator: Jayanne was the best ever! She was so helpful. We were planning the wedding from so far away and I would just tell her my ideas, not knowing how it was going to turn out. When our wedding day arrived it was more then I could have asked for. Jayanne did an amazing job with everything!

Minister: Rev. Dennis really gave our wedding the Maui feel we were going for. He made it feel like we have known him for years. He made everything extra special.

Photographer: Eric Dahl was so calm through the whole ceremony. He really captured our special day in a perfect way.

Flowers: I was going back and forth on a few bouquet ideas. I chose all orange flowers and the colors were so beautiful and vibrant.

Musician: Tim was great. He played the ukele for us we chose the songs and they were amazing. I really loved getting out of the car for the ceremony and he was right there playing the music.

Hair/Makeup: Jessica Waite came right to our condo and applied my makeup. She was so professional and made my makeup look so natural.

Location: Po'olenalena Beach=Perfet location

Onsite Coordinator: Della did a fantastic job. She made me feel so calm right before walking down the isle.

Sales Person: Arlyn was a pleasure to work with as well.

We would recommend Paradise Dream Wedding to anyone getting married in the Maui area. They made all of our dreams come true:)

critique: We couldn't have asked for anything more

Jennifer & Francis
Carmel, Indiana

Married September 17, 2009


Coordinator: (Jo) 8
Minister: (Denise) 10
Photograher: (Arien) 10
Flowers: (Della) 9
Catering/Reception: 10
Hair & Makeup: (Regina) 10
Location: (Black Rock) 10
On-Site Coordinator: (Shena) 7
Sales Person: (Joanne) 8
Travel Agent: (Joanne) 8

I would definately come back to Maui and do it all again in a heart beat, everything was perfect and couldnt of asked for anything more, everyone who was involed in our wedding was amazing. Friends and family couldnt believe how spectaculur the photos were and the location of our wedding, we were actually feature in a magazine where we live for wedding of the weeks.


Joanne & Trevor Wainwright
Auckland New zealand

Married September 17, 2009


Coordinator: (Jo) 8
Minister: (Kimo) 9
Photograher: (Eric) 10
Flowers: (Shari) 8
Cake & Toast: (maui wedding cakes) 1
Hair & Makeup: (Andrea) 7
Location: (The Cove) 11
On-Site Coordinator: (Jo) 7

Our experience overall was great.  Eric was patient and took fantastic photos.  I thought Jo did a very good job of helping us out and answering all of our many questions.  I especially appreciated that she was able to ensure we were the first ones to The Cove and we had the best spot before another couple's wedding took place.


Carolyn & Tucker Worster
Pearland, TX

Married September 15, 2009


Coordinator(Jo): 10 
Minister(Tino): 10
Photograher(Ian): 9
Flowers(Della): 10
Musician(Tim): 5
Location(The Cove): 10
On-Site Coordinator(Shena): 10

Everything worked out great and was exactly what we had hoped for on this day.

Rosy & Shawn Harris
Portland, OR


Married September 8, 2009


Coordinator: (Jo) 10
Minister: (Laki) 10 full of such wonderful energy
Photographer: (Ian) 10
Flowers: (Shari) 10
Musician: (Tarvin) 10
Hair & Makeup: (Regina) 10
Location: 10
Wedding Sales & Booking: (Arlyn) 7 had some issues with online order, so I just called 
and was taken care of right away 

Hello Arlyn,

We had such a wonderful wedding experience. I couldn't ask for anything more perfect. Ian was great and Laki was wonderful. You were so helpful with making all the arrangements. It was so great and stress-free to just arrive in Maui and then show up for our special little service. I always dreamed of my wedding on the beach, but I never knew it would ever be so perfect. Thank you for making my wedding day stress-free and beautiful.

Michael and Meghan Garrett
Steilacom, WA


Anniversary photos taken on September 7, 2009


Photographer: (Jon) 10

Photography Sales & Booking: (Joanne) 10

I think Jon went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. Jon did much more than we were expecting with our shoot and we really appreciate it. The pictures arrived just over a week after the shoot and we were very happy with the outcome. We will recommend Jon and Gordon Nash to anyone asking for a photographer while in Hawaii.

Scott and Marissa Kriss
Auburn, WA


Married September 7, 2009


Thank you so much for making our wedding day so wonderful. The location was beautiful and the pictures came out fabulous, it was all we could have wanted.

Jason and Christine 
Henderson, NV


Married August 23, 2009


Coordinator: (Joanne) 10
Minister: (Kimo) 10
Photographer: (Ian) 10
Flowers: (Asa) 10
Musician: (Tim) 10
Hair & Makeup: (Jean) 10
Location: 10
On-Site Coordinator: (Joanne) 10

Our wedding day was one of the most memorable days of our lives and we could not be happier with A Paradise Dream Wedding for helping shape our perfect wedding. The coordination from the get-go was great, by both phone and email, our Coordinator Joanne Earles was fabulous and so patient with all our requests. She relly went the extra step to allow us to include all the details important to us within our wedding, as well as meeting with us the day before to review it all- as per our request.

We were drawn to APDW by the photography on the web site and it does hold true to the end result- Ian Shepherd, our photographer, was beyond amazing!!! He truly captured our day as we had imagined and he went above and beyond for our wedding. His emails were so attentive and genuine, and his amazing work proves why he is a part of such a talented group. He took his time shooting our requested shots and had awesome follow up communication.

Kimo Kirkman was our minister and we truly believe no one else was meant to perform our wedding. His genuine words and calming voice set for a perfect ceremony! Tim O'Hara, our guitarist was just right! Jean Muldoon did awesome on hair and makeup- she was wide awake at 6 AM and ready to go, she executed the look I requested even better than the inspiration photos I provided to her- just fabulous! The flower bouquets requested were right on, and the petal aisle and reception decor by Della Peacock were amazing! She was such a shining angel in the mist of flower planning frustration and her gorgeous table arrangements surpassed my highest expectations- I smiled inside when our day had finally arrived and all my "interior designer obsessive decor" nerves were calmed by the beautiful table Della had set!

Our day was so special to us, not only for our personal commitments and having had such a perfect wedding, but because of the people who helped make it happen. We'll always remember "our Maui spot" and all the individuals above who were a part in our very memorable day.


Damon and Michelle Silva
San Diego, CA

Married August 18, 2009  

Coordinator: (Jo) 10
Minister: (Kimo) 10
Photographer: (Arien) 10
Location: 10

Unforgettable experience! Thank you so much for making our special day perfect in every way! Special Thanks to Arien and Jo!

Michael and Hortenzia AbiEzzi
Cleveland, OH


Married August 18, 2009


Coordinator: (Jo) 10_
Minister: (Tino) 10_
Photographer: (Branden) 10_
Flowers: (Janna) 10_
Hair & Makeup: (Andrea) 10_
Location: 10_
Wedding Sales & Booking: (Joanne) 5

Robin and Regina Miller
Vancouver BC, Canada


Married August 11, 2009


Coordinator: (Jo) 10
Minister: (Tino) 10
Location: 8

Jo Thurman was great! She is very professional and was a pleasure!

Jason and Francine Greenberg
San Francisco, CA


Married August 11, 2009


Coordinator: (Jo) 10
Minister: (Vance) 10
Photographer: (Eric) 9
Location: 11
On-Site Coordinator: (Jo) 10

Brent and Heather Henderson
Glendale, AZ


Married August 8, 2009


Coordinator: (Jayanne) 10
Minister: (Laki) 10
Photographer: (Arien) 10
Videographer: (Brian) 10
Flowers: (Suzann) 10
Cake & Toast: (Maui Wedding Cakes) 10
Musician: (Liz) 10
Hair & Makeup: (Shelly)10
Location: 10
On-Site Coordinator: (Diana) 10
Wedding Sales & Booking: (Joanne) 10

I loved the fact that everything was done to perfection and I didn't have to worry about a thing!


Dan and Joanna Moses
San Diego, CA


Married August 6, 2009


Coordinator: (Jo) 10
Minister: (Dennis) 10
Photographer: (Ian) 10
Flowers: (Della) 10
Cake & Toast: (Maui Wedding Cakes) 10
Location: 10--Makena Cove, Maui was perfect!!!
On-Site Coordinator: (Della) 10
Wedding Sales & Booking: (Arlyn) 10
Travel Agent: (Arlyn) 10

I was a little skeptical planning a wedding in Hawaii because of all the unknowns but after speaking with Arlyn, I was put totally at ease. Everything was perfect. I could not have asked for more. Arlyn, Joanne, and Della were great. Ian was everything we could have asked for and more. We were totally at ease with him and our pictures show it. Everyone that has looked at our photos cannot believe them. The shots he got were unbelievable. Rev. Dennis was the best. It felt like we had known him forever. I would definitely recommend your wedding services to anyone thinking of a destination wedding 
in Hawaii!!

Wesley and Kelli Robertson
Mandeville, LA


Married August 4, 2009


Coordinator: (Jo) 8
Minister: (Kimo) 11
Photographer: (Eric) 11
On-Site Coordinator: (Shena) 8

The photos are just incredible. Now that we are back home we wouldn't have a clue what to order. Erik and Kimo made our wedding. We are grateful we used your services. We are also appreciative of the constant attention we received by email in the initial set up things. We love how everything was flawlessly executed when it came to the sunset and lighting. Our families were blown away by pictures and quality. We too think the photos are magazine material. We are EXTREMELY grateful that we have a slideshow of the photos and the photos on a disc. It is very professional and helpful.

Michael and Lauren Bardach-Swern
Jersey City, NJ