Gordon’s sneak peek pictures, we were blown away!

September 01, 2015

Gordon and Mami, our photographers, made us feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera. Even though we forgot blotting paper, Mami came prepared and helped us with touch ups during the photo shoot. They took beyond the number of pictures that we had initially agreed upon and the pictures exceeded our expectations. When we finally received Gordon’s sneak peek pictures, we were blown away. Our sisters exclaimed that they would love to have Gordon and Mami when they get married too!

Jayanne was our attentive and organized coordinator. She made us feel at ease and we knew everything would be taken care of even though we were on the other side of the country. From flowers to food, she gave us recommendations and accommodated any specific requests we had.

Robert, our minister, was heartwarming and gave us sincere advice before and after the ceremony for our lives moving forward. He made us feel comfortable and created a beautiful atmosphere with his words during the ceremony.

Andrea was the bride’s hair and makeup artist. She was comforting and helped calm the bride’s nerves before the ceremony. Moreover, she was receptive of specific makeup requests the bride had and did her best to do exactly what the bride wanted.

Lastly, John was our charismatic guitarist. He took the time to speak to us before and after the ceremony to tell us what songs he wanted to play and offered to take suggestions if we had any. He customized the songs to fit the crowd and set the atmosphere during the ceremony to be warmhearted and cheerful. Even though he didn’t have to stay after the ceremony, he continued playing while we took pictures and the crowd had left.


Eric and Tiffany
Married at Makena Cove on July 5th, 2015
Maui Wedding PhotographersGordon Nash+Mami Horie 
Wedding Coordinator: Jayanne Jefferys