On a scale of 1 to 10, without reservation, we give Nash Photography and their entire team a resounding 11!

May 06, 2015

In March of 2015 our daughter was married on Maui. Destination weddings are extra nerve racking because unless you have family or trusted friends at the destination it requires that you find a wedding planner that is capable, competent and trustworthy to make all those dreams you have for the "big day" come true. It's an extremely tall order and Nash Photography came through in every way! If you are looking for a one-stop, worry-free agency to create a fairytale wedding experience, Gordon Nash and his team of experts can take care of all of your needs. 

Jayanne is the general wedding coordinator. We never actually met Jayanne face-to-face which is our only disappointment, because we wanted to give her a big hug! She was simply wonderful to work with over the nine months prior to the wedding. She laid out the entire process from start to finish and answered every question along the way. The communication was primarily by email, but we preferred this as it allowed us to go back and re-read how everything was going to work. Jayanne is also awesome at providing recommendations on everything from restaurants for the reception dinner to a dry cleaner where we sent our daughter's wedding dress (and wedding party clothing) to be pressed and ready for pick-up the day prior to the wedding. 

Gordon is the primary photographer and his work is world class! When you look at his website it is filled with amazing photographs. And of course it causes the sceptic to wonder, "Will our wedding photos be as amazing?" The answer is a resounding, "YES!" I enjoy amateur photography and have a discriminating eye, so I asked Gordon what equipment he uses and was surprised to learn we use the same equipment. So what's the difference? His talent and experience! Our daughter's photos are simply stunning. Well beyond my capabilities. 

Mami is second photographer and editor. Behind every great person there is usually someone behind them, often in the shadows, who doesn't get the recognition they deserve. At Nash Photography, I'm guessing this person is Mami! She is not only a great photographer in her own right, but her editing skills are  phenomenal. To have both Gordon and Mami shooting the wedding, and then Mami editing all the work, means ordinary people like ourselves are transformed into movie stars for a day. 

No less impressive was the minister, Ernest. Ernest is the real deal! A native Hawaiian who's words and actions made the ceremony spiritual and genuine. He is a gentle soul who helped put our daughter's mind at ease when there was a mix up with harpist. The harpist had the wrong time scheduled for the wedding, so Ernest being a renowned singer and ukulele player stepped in to serenaded us with "Over The Rainbow" during the processional and "All Of Me" as the wedding party was exiting the ceremony. This became a bonus for us as Ginny, the gifted harpist, unexpectedly showed up at the reception dinner and played throughout our meal. It was very moving and is a testament to the integrity of this company and the people connected with them. For us it was truly a win-win!  

Shena is the on-site coordinator. Shena was very kind and unassuming. She coordinated the on-site activities smoothly and without any preparation on our part. 

We are indebted to Hide, the videographer, who not only artistically captured the wedding on video, but allowed us to watch and hear the wedding over again from the comfort of our living-room. We are also planning on playing the video at the local reception this summer for our extended family and friends who could not attend the destination wedding. 

Andrea is the hair and make-up artist and, while mentioned last in our review, was the first person we saw the day of the wedding and was a true Godsend! Andrea was highly skilled at putting our daughter's nerves at ease. She was very knowledgeable of the entire process and clearly explained how the day would unfold. Oh, and yes, beside all of that she is a phenomenal hair and make-up artist. Our daughter was able to just sit back, relax and be pampered. 

From the coordination of the event, to the hair and make-up, to the photography and editing, to the ministry and music we simply can not express how completely over joyed we are with Nash Photography. On a day where you only get one chance to do it right, and hope those memories are positive to last a life time, Nash Photography nailed it perfectly! When saying thanks a million just isn't enough...thanks a trillion! 

After reviewing the 2000+ photos and the video, the process of putting a photo album together can be a bit daunting. Mami put together a photo album that told the story of our daughter's magical wedding day exquisitely. The quality of the paper and binding matches the quality of the photography! We were a presently surprised to see that the pictures looked even better than they do on the computer. We did not think that was possible! On a scale of 1 to 10, without reservation, we give Nash Photography and their entire team a resounding 11!

Mahalo, Ron and Laura Kiesler
Maui Wedding Photographers  Gordon Nash  +  Mami Horie 
Wedding Coordinator: Jayanne Jefferys