Still warm from the wedding!

December 09, 2013

Mrs. Rachelle Aspland wrote this lovely note just a day after her Maui wedding, while still on Maui.  We know the planning at home and the waiting is tense, "is it really going to be okay?"  We love how the actual wedding experience is so much more than our couples imagined!

"Oh my god - Jayanne I just need to say thank you so much for organizing our wedding day! It was absolutely perfect! Shena - excellent! Liz - Amazing!!! Gordon & Arien - Amazing! Richardo - Amazing! Everything - Absolutely amazing! The limo driver, limo and guitarist! Gannons was the perfect setting! Thank you for recommending it! You did the most amazing job and I can not ever thank you enough! Everyone loved Richardo - he was so beautiful! We loved everything about it and every minute! Thank you so very much!!!!!"

Gannons Lower Wedding Knoll is a perfect place for a wedding... whole Island ocean views, privacy, you can have chairs and a sound system.  Real restrooms, a parking lot, and a great restaurant for your reception, all in the same place!  Lawn sites start at $375.00 and include 30 chairs.