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December 28, 2018

DT Fleming Maui Wedding Beach, Mr. & Mrs. Heesacker's Maui Wedding

Our happy couple from Oregon brought a nice group of family to share in their Maui wedding. The Bride was just gorgeous, but she shared the limelight with their two adorable sons.  Minister Robert "Kuya" performed the ceremony, Branden Sequeira took the vibrant Photos.  The Brides bouquet was perfect in purples against the blues and greens of the beach.  Jayanne, Wedding Coordinator

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December 26, 2018

Maui Wedding Fireworks! Les & Meagan's Maui Wedding Big Wave Splash!

Our gorgeous couple from Canada drew the lucky number for Maui wedding day colors and beauty!  Makena Cove is our favorite place to hold weddings, we usually like the morning for the blues and greens.  The Cove is known for its big wave splashes, just perfect for posing in front of with a big kiss!  Amazing photo work by our Photographer Branden Sequeira.  Jayanne, Wedding Coordinator

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December 21, 2018

Twilight Purple for Maui Wedding Pictures, the Karki's Maui Wedding

Our fantastic Maui Wedding Photographer Brandon Vincent has a way with light, and is an artist with flash and color use.  After a wonderful Maui Wedding, our couple got to relax and be close in the last gentle light, and then take dramatic night shots. What a way to remember the day!

December 13, 2018

A Musical Family Wedding! Brian and Karina's Maui Wedding

This fun family from OR had a nice little family gathering for their Maui wedding.  In November about 4 pm is soft and gentle and we get lots of what we call Golden Light.  This couple had three girls, who did a Hula, one sang a song during the ceremony and even the Elders got into the act.  A beautiful ceremony topped off with a gorgeous white dove release!  Photos captured with such great light by Branden Sequeira.  Jayanne, Wedding Coordinator.

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December 12, 2018

Maui Wedding Roses in Bloom Bouquet! Christian & Mayra's Maui Wedding

Our sweet couple from California brought 24 of their friends and family with them for their Maui wedding.  Poolenalena beach is perfect for a larger guest count, and the day was spectacular!  We did the wedding and family photos on Poolenalena where we had room to move around, and then took the couple to the Cove for their romantic couples photos.  Lovely photo work from Photographer Ceasar Lizada. Jayanne, Wedding Coordinator

December 05, 2018

Maui Waterfall Wedding, Michael & Ellens Maui Wedding

Our adventurous couple from KY didn't have to worry about crying at their wedding, as they exchanged vows standing in a  Waterfalls spray.  Traveling closer to the interior of the Island and walking a 5 minute path to the Falls built up their excitement.  That week had been having rain, but Maui blessed them with clear skies. Photography by Branden Sequeira.  Jayanne, Wedding Coordinator


December 04, 2018

It's all in the Details! The Taga's Maui Wedding, special touches

While you plan for every detail of your wedding, the only thing you really get to do at home before you come to Maui is work on your wedding outfits.  This Stylish couple went very classic and modern, the Hotels "selfie" light made for a striking photo. Photos by Brandon Vincent

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