Maui Wedding Photographer, Branden Sequeira

Photographer Branden Sequeira is an accomplished photographer who has been working with A Paradise Dream Wedding since 2006. This makes him the first of our Maui Wedding Company's photographers to start photographing weddings with Gordon Nash, but his experience did not start there. Before moving to Maui he spent 6 years shooting happy couples on their wedding day in the spectacular countryside of Yosemite National Park in California. With his involvement in hundreds of weddings, Branden is a well seasoned professional, capable of capturing creative and memorable photos in any situation. Whether in a serene, magnificent forest, a tropical, breathtaking beach in paradise, a quaint, romantic church, or a classy formal estate, his adaptation and versatile style will ensure you end up having the best possible experience.

Branden is extremely active with a love of the outdoors. Surfing, hiking, snowboarding, rock climbing, and a passion for being physically fit provides him with the skills to capture original and impressive photographs. Whether scaling lava rocks for a unique angle or sprinting across the beach, Branden's active lifestyle lends itself to his versatility as a photographer. He is a true artist enjoying painting, sculpting, poetry and defines himself in his creativity. This love of art forged his uniquely artistic style of photography allowing him to view every shot with the inspired perfectionism of one of his paintings. His laid-back, humorous and perceptive nature has captivated the hearts of hundreds of happy couples. His versatile way of conforming to each couples individual needs, make his talents essential to having the perfect experience on your special day!

One of his photographs just won 2nd prize for Best Wedding Photo by the Maui Wedding Association. Chosen by his peers this is a wonderful accomplishment.

See Branden's Maui Wedding Portfolio here