We had an amazing Maui Wedding experience from the beginning!

January 16, 2017

Mike and I had an amazing Maui wedding experience from the beginning! Every time I e-mailed or called Jayanne, our Wedding Coordinator, she got back to me right away and made sure everything was taken care of. I could not have dreamed of a more perfect wedding thanks to her incredible planning. A week before our wedding she had to change our minister (due to illness) and we could not have been happier with her choice. We were fortunate enough to get Robert (Kuya) Alamodin. He was so much fun and performed a beautiful heartfelt ceremony for us. Everything turned out perfect! 

Jayanne also made sure that we had the best musician and an Onsite Person, "JJ", that took care of everything. She was great! Not only did she have everything set up down on the beach, but she helped calm my nerves when I arrived and saw that it was raining.

Once our Videographer (Brian) and Photographers (Gordon Nash & Brandon Vincent) got to the beach they were patient enough to wait for the rain to pass, which didn't last long. Everyone was so kind and nice about everything! 

We could not believe that the next day we were able to watch our wedding video that Brian put together. I have never heard of anyone getting to see their wedding video the next day and have it be so beautiful. We are in love with it and still can't stop watching it! Not to mention our photos that Gordon and Brandon took...WOW! They are breathtaking!! We could not be more pleased with all of them and how fast we got them back. I was expecting to wait over a month but we got them back within a few weeks. Both Gordon and Brandon were a lot of fun to work with and we were very impressed with everything they did! 

Our wedding was definitely a dream come true thanks to everyone's hard work and professionalism.  Mahalo, Jenna & Mike  December 21, 2016

(Any areas we could improve upon? Honestly, I don't think so. You guys were all AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for everything!)

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