Today was simply amazing from beginning to end! The Swisher's Maui Vow Renewal

June 04, 2018

"Aloha Jayanne, Mahalo for today!  It was simply amazing from beginning to end. Adam Gomes, our Minister,of course exceeded our expectations and made us smile from ear to ear watching him bless our children and family. Kyle, our Photographer, was awesome and so good with the boys. Today was everything I envisioned plus more!!  What a gorgeous day here on Maui today. This island just feels so much like home to us. We are still smiling thinking of the beautiful ceremony Adam did, Kyle texted me a sneak peak. He was awesome and you could tell he has children because he was great with ours.  The sneak peak pictures are AMAZING!!!!!!!  I can’t wait to see them all. I know that they will be just like our boys, worth the wait. :)  Have a great day! Mahalo, Abby"

This amazing, sweet couple had our Hawaiian Minister Adam Gomes marry them in 2014.  They came back to Maui two years in a row after that.  Then they took a break because they were doing another big project.  Adopting two little boys!  They came back this year to renew their vows with Minister Adam again, and have a very special blessing for their two sons.  Here's a few teaser photos, more to come soon, Wedding Coordinator, Jayanne