Branden Sequeira, our Photographer made our wedding pictures one thing during the day that I didn't have to stress about

April 27, 2017

Hi Branden,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything! ! I really really appreciated that you came early and stayed late,  and checked out the venue  for the best picture locations and let me go over picture ideas with you. I liked that you listened and incorporated my ideas and thoughts into the pictures, payed attention to details and that we were able to take more pictures than I thought. Thank you so much for all of your picture suggestions (as well as taking pictures that I wanted without me having to ask)! I totally would have missed out on some shots I wanted if you didn't suggest certain things!  I am so grateful that you tried your best to get all of the shots that I wanted and were creative and took pictures that you knew would look amazing, as well as help direct myself and everyone so that we would all look wonderful. You really took your time and made sure everyone's eyes were open for all of the pictures, and that all of the pictures had the correct lighting and helped us with posing. Thank you for everything else that I forgot to mention that you did to help the day run smoothly. You were truly wonderful and patient with letting us take more pictures than we were supposed to, and for letting my paparazzi follow me around (and sometimes be in your space) to help me with positions/posing/pictures needed. You just put everyone at ease for all of the pictures and everyone thought you were great and genuinely kind and wonderul and did a really great job with getting all of the pictures. I just wanted to let you know that you were truly appreciated and you made our wedding pictures one thing during the day that I didn't have to stress about. You were really thoughtful with the placement of everyone and knew how to place me and Morgan so that we would look our best - since we are the same height and all, and were really great with everything and everyone there! You really went above and beyond and I am so thankful! The pictures are great because you were very creative and took your time even though we were super short on time haha. Thanks so much! Jenny Streilein (Price)