All of your suggestions were right on the mark

November 22, 2017

Hi Jayanne,
So wonderful to hear from you!!! I have been meaning to email you for a few weeks now as we settle back into - married - life here! Thank you for all your kind words, but especially, for all the amazing work you put into making our day so absolutely special and the most wonderful wedding day we could have imagined! We know that a lot of behind the scenes work was done, yet the day was seamless, and we really enjoyed it and had fun. I kept telling Kevin how happy I was to have a wedding day where I could actually say the whole thing was fun, plus I could spend the day at the beach, and enjoy an amazing evening out. All of your suggestions were right on the mark - the location, time, flowers, leis, lunch, dinner - it was all perfect! We just got the photos back from Branden Sequeira and they are amazing - the colors are stunning, and he really showed off how happy we were. 
Also, I wanted to let you know that all the license and certificate arrangements went exactly as planned. We had our appointment for the license, got that all taken care of so easily. Then, Kuya (and his wife!) got everything entered on the wedding day, and we made our online request 3 days later, and picked up our certificate in Honolulu by the 15th at 9 am, with a 3 minute wait at the Dept of Health! It was the easiest government dealings we have ever had!!!
I also wanted to mention that Misty from Maui Gold condos came by and dropped off a wonderful bottle of champagne, which we definitely enjoyed. Speaking of which, the Maui Gold Condo was such a good choice - thank you! We had an excellent sunset view from our patio, which was really nice, because with a toddler, we often had to be back at the condo for bedtime at sunset, so it was really nice to still enjoy it from the lanai. The condo itself was beautiful, and our son Ollie kept calling it our Maui home - we will definitely be staying there again next time we are back. You were so right about all the details and extra things that make it really stand out.
On the day, we did go to Tommy Bahamas for a really delicious lunch, went for a swim in the afternoon at Ulua Beach, where Kevin originally proposed, and had a truly excellent dining experience at Duo at The Four Seasons (my brother managed to find out where we were eating, called ahead, and made sure they gave us the royal treatment).
Kuya, our Minister and Branden our Photographer, were so fantastic - and so patient with our rambunctious and active little guy! They both really went out of their way to make him feel a part of the celebration and make us all feel so relaxed and well taken care of.  
Even now, three weeks back, Ollie asks every morning when we are going back to Hawaii! We can't wait to be back again (it will be much, much sooner than every 5 years)! The pictures you attached are a good reminder of how much we love Maui. We'll keep in touch,
Mrs. Gibbs