2011 (1) Testimonials

July 27, 2013

Married February 26, 2011


Aloha Jayanne!

I hope all is well over in beautiful Maui and that you had little to no damage with the recent tsunami.  ( I still can't believe how awful that was).  

On a lighter note, I really want to thank you and everyone involved with my recent wedding.  I can't believe how amazing, beautiful and perfect Derek and my wedding day was.  Somehow, everything was golden, the ocean, the sky and my now husband was just radiating as the reflection of the sun came off the ocean.  You and the rest of the group made our wedding day perfect, unbelievable and better than we could have ever imagined.  There are no words to describe how appreciative we are. Sheena was amazing, very sweet and a great on site coordinater. Reverend Dennis De Rogo was so passionate, so sweet and Derek and I were very happy to have him be our officiant. I'll never forget the words he said, and how sweet he was.  

I am doing everything I can to promote your business, word of mouth, yelp and google.  However, you obviously don't need any more help given all the amazing reviews you already have but I'll continue to do my part. From the first phone call to the goodbyes I was treated so well, your professionalism, kindness and talent will never bee forgotten and always so much appreciated.

I will never forget the moment I walked onto the beach and saw my husband looking away into the ocean and how he looked when our eyes met. (First time I have even seen him cry).  By far this was the happiest day of my life and you all played a major part in that.  Ian is an amazing photographer.  We haven't seen them online yet but what we saw on the screen of his camera was breathe taking. I guess I just a have a few remaining questions about the photography.  Ian wants to put music to a disc and we have the songs, is there a way we can contact him?  We are so excited to see the product so we need to find what site or where to go to see our finished photos.  

Once again Jayanne, Mahalo!  My husband(that's so fun to say!) and I are so appreciative of all you have done for us. Please let us know any other way we can continue to promote you and thank you because you made the most important day of our lives together beautiful, amazing and perfect in every way!!

Mahalo, a thousand times!

Katie (Formerly Burtis) Deroche.


Married February 10, 2011


Coordinator: (Jo) 10
Minister: (Vance) 9
Photographer: (Branden) 10
Videographer : (Brian)10
Flowers : (Shari/Shena)10
Musician: (Tim)10
Cake & Toast : (MWC)10
Location: (Polo Beach)10
Onsite coordinator : (Shena)10 
Travel Agent: (Joanne) 10
Salesperson: (booking) 10 

Our experience with your company was absolutely amazing! You guys made our day so special and memorable, and so EASY!! Jo, our coordinator and all of the onsite staff were so great to work with. Jo was so helpful and responsive throughout the planning process. Vance was the best officiant EVER, and made the ceremony so warm and personal. The photographer (Brandon) did a spectacular job on our photos, capturing all the beauty and scenery. The videographer was so thorough and professional, and he was so kind to have our video already edited and online that same evening, and even delivered our DVD to our hotel the following day! And the songs were PERFECTLY coordinated with the events on the video! The musician was excellent and very talented, and his music made the setting so much more special and really set the mood. The onsite coordinator also played a huge role in making everything so perfect. It was raining right before the ceremony and she st ood out in the rain going back and forth to and from the vendors trying to help us make decisions on whether to wait it out. Luckily it stopped raining RIGHT before the ceremony! She had all the flowers, the cake, and cider set up beautifully on the beach for us. I am normally a big planner and a perfectionist about every detail, but due to a lack of time, I had to trust that the flowers and cake would be what I wanted even though I didn't actually see them first or pick out the details. I must say that I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful arrangement and delicious cake!! Everything was so perfect and we are SO very grateful for each and every one of these guys for making it that way!

Paige & Michael Krug
Concord, NC


Married February 3, 2011


Coordinator: (Jo) 10
Minister: (Vance) 10
Photographer: (Branden) 10
Location: (The Cove) 10
Travel Agent: (Joanne) 10
Salesperson: (booking) 10

My husband Neil and I had the most romantic, unique wedding I could have hoped for. It was so easy planning with Jo that I had to ask a number of times, "are you sure it is this easy" Our planning was really fun and easy and we never felt anything was missed because of the email information. Our wedding ceremony couldn't have been more perfect, it felt really unique to us. Our minister Vance was awsome, he asked if we had a musician, we said no but he sang us a hawaian blessing song and translated it for us, very nice and romantic! I loved our ceremony! Then our awsome photographer, Brandan was really creative. We told him we were willing to get wet and just direct us what to do, and he made the pictures breathtaking, more than we could have wished for.The dvd slide show that Brandon made for us made me cry and the song he picked to go with it was awsome. Thank you so much Brandon. I love the pictures so much and we are so happy I found your wedding company to help us with our special day. It was amazing, we tell everyone to get married in Maui now and we know the people to hook them up with!!!!! Hope someone listens to us cause then they will have the wonderful memories of you guys as well!!! We thank you sooo much!!

Sarah & Neil Owen
Patricia, Alberta


Married January 23, 2011


Coordinator: (Joann) 10
Minister: (Kimo) 10
Photographer: (Ian) 10
Flowers: (Janna) 10
Catering/Reception: 10
Hair & Makeup: (Regina) 10
Location: (DT Fleming) 10
Travel Agent: (Joanne) 10
Salesperson: (booking) 10

We wanted a relaxed, intimate, and organic wedding experience, and that's what we got. Great energy from the entire staff.....loved the minister, love the photographers, and loved our wedding coordinator. Would recommend the entire crew without hesitation.

Mariam & Chuck Silver
City, State
Burr Ridge , IL


Married January 22, 2011


Coordinator: (Jayanne) 10
Minister: (Kimo) 10
Photographer: (Eric) 10
Videographer: (Dan) 10
Flowers: (Andrea) 10
Location: (The Cove) 10
On-site coordinator: (Shena) 10
Travel Agent: (Joanne) 10
Salesperson: (booking) 10

I wish there was a ranking option higher than 10 to give to everyone. Everyone and everything was beyond excellent.

Much aloha and many mahalo's


Jamie & Erich Krzeminski
Lansing, Michigan