2004 (2) Testimonials

July 23, 2013

Married May 22, 2004


Coordinator: 9
Minister: 10+++++++++++++++++++++++
Photographer: 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Flowers: 10+++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Site: 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Everything was absolutely amazing. I would recommend a Paradise Dream Wedding to anyone planning a destination wedding. AMAZING is the only way I can describe our photographs. I didn't expect them to look as perfect as they were on the website but they did. We are still getting compliments on our photos. Thanks again!!!

Regan & Tim


Married May 22, 2004


We came all the way from Sweden for our Maui wedding. Instead of spending our money on just one day back home we got three wonderful weeks on your beautiful island! It was truly worth every minute of the 17.5 hours flight (even with our 22 months old twins onboard).
This was the perfect way for us to get married and we are very pleased! If you want the most gorgeous wedding pictures we can not imagine that you could find a better option than A Paradise Dream Wedding. We love our pictures!!! Everyone that has seen them has given comments like: "they look unreal", "like from a movie" and that they are the best and most romantic pictures they have ever seen! We are very lucky having Gordon for our wedding (although we are sure Gordon's very sweet assistant Miko will be able to do a great job as well, being trained by "the master"). If you choose not to have a video (or you want to do both) we really recommend having a DVD with a slideshow of your pictures done. We accepted that offer and just recently had a chance to view it for the first time (since we didn't have a DVD player...). It was so amazing!!! It was also very touching. Having your own music to the pictures makes it very special. Thank you so much!!! Mahalo for helping us remember this very special day forever!!!

Anna & Jonas Osterberg
Nyköping, Sweden


Photo Shoot May 19, 2004


Photographer: 10

We decided there was no better place to have family photos done than Hawaii. All we were hoping to end up with was one or two "frame-able" shots of us and maybe one of our 1 1/2 year old. To our pleasant surprise we don't have enough frames for all the great pictures. We were so pleased to receive all 440 images on CD as well as the negatives and album. Gordon was a pleasure to work with. We'll be back next spring and will definitely be calling again!

Susan Corbin
North Hills, CA


Married May 18, 2004


Coordinator: 10 - Jennifer's calm and relaxed presence on the day of the ceremony helped us stay calm and relaxed too.
Minister: 10 - Tino was awesome!!  He was very sincere and had a wonderful voice.  We were very happy with the ceremony
Photographer: 10 - Excellent of course!! Gordon's photos were the reason we chose to fly all the way to Maui from New Hampshire!! We considered having a destination wedding closer to home, but no other coordinating company compared as far as service offerings and of course no one else offered such incredible photos!! No one believes me when I tell them that we left Maui with our photos AND negatives!!  We also got tons more prints than we paid for- Thank you Gordon! 
Videographer: 10 - Thanks to the video editor for working with our unique punk music- it was great!   
Flowers: 10 - My bouquet was beautiful- it had 18 roses in it!!  I didn't want to leave it behind.
Catering: N/A
Cake & Toast: 10- Having Jennifer cut the cake for us and our guests was a very nice touch.
Musician (Guitarist/Singer): 10 - Excellent, he did a great job and was very pleasant.
Limo: 10- Rob the driver had bottled water on ice which he gave to our guests who were waiting out in the heat for the ceremony to begin.  I expected him to have beverages for us, but he went above and beyond by offering cold drinks to our guests!
Hair & Makeup: 10- Sue was awesome awesome awesome!! I didn't know so much could be done with my short hair! She made me feel so at ease and was a great story teller :) 
Site: The Cove was excellent!! We didn't go there until we arrived for the ceremony and were not dissapointed at all!!  There were a few other weddings happening while we were there, which of course couldn't be avoided, but once we got started we didn't even notice that the other people were there.  We were there longer than anyone else, and Gordon and his crew had gotten there early to save the best spot on the beach for us.

We are so very happy that we chose to go with Paradise Dream Wedding for our wedding day..  Everyone on Gordon's team was so nice and pleasant. We had such a stress free day, basically we just had to show up in Maui and everything else was taken care of. We cannot imagine having a wedding any other way!!  All of our guests said that it was the most romantic ceremony they had ever been to.  And of course everyone is amazed by our photos- who wouldn't be? 

Adriane and Aaron Robbins
Lyndeborough NH


Married May 15, 2004


Coordinator: 7
Minister: 10++++
Photographer: 10++++
Videographer: 10++++
Flowers: 10++++
Cake & Toast: 10++++
Musician: 10++++
Limo: 10++++
Site: 9

Kisha & Tyler Olson
Waterford, CT


Married May 9, 2004


Coordinator: 10
Minister: 10
Photographer: 10
Videographer: 10
Flowers: 10
Catering: 10
Site: 10

There isn't more to say than it truly was a dream wedding for us. The whole thing was simply exquisite. From the location to the ceremony, the catered dinner on the beach to the photos, we were given a gift that we will treasure always. And it couldn't have been easier. Everything we asked for was taken care of with graciousness, and we just showed up. We wouldn't have changed a moment. Thank you.

Stephanie and Paul Virtue
New York City, NY


Married May 2, 2004


Coordinator: 10
Minister: 9
Photographer: 10
Videographer: 9
Flowers: 9
Musician: 9
Site: 10

Everything was absolutely wonderful!! Thank you all so much for helping make our wedding day so incredibly perfect. It was such a special way for us to start our new lives together.  I don't think it could have possibly been any better. 

Adam and Katie Sanders
Battle Ground, WA


Married April 28, 2004


Coordinator: 10
Minister: 10
Photographer: 10
Flowers: 10
Limo: 10
Site: 10

Thank you for everything!  We thought our wedding was absolutely perfect and could not imagine anything better than what we had.  Jennifer was especially helpful in coordinating the wedding.  Ernie, our limo driver, was a delight and made us feel like royalty.  We loved the ceremony with its Hawaiian customs and Tino made it wonderful with his kind and heartfelt words.  We have been receiving compliments from all our friends and family about the beautiful photos.  Scott and I are continually amazed at how you were able to capture our special day.  You have an extraordinary talent.  We would highly recommend A Paradise Dream Wedding to anyone that wants to get married in Maui.

Linda and Scott Priebe
Jamul, CA


Married April 22, 2004


Coordinator: 10 
Minister: 10
Photographer: 1 - just kidding, Gordon - 10
Videographer: 10
Flowers: 10
Site: 10

Our wedding was everything that we hoped it would be and more! The photos and video are gorgeous and really made all of our family & friends understand why we chose Maui for our wedding. Everyone at Paradise Dream Wedding was courteous and professional. The entire experience could not have been better.

Jeremy & Lyn Berson
Atlanta, GA


Married April 21, 2004


Coordinator: 10
Minister: 10
Photographer: 110
Videographer: 10
Flowers: 8
Site: 100000

Our wedding was simply AMAZING! The coordinating was a breeze, Makena Cove was more beautiful then words can describe. And the pictures are unbelievable!!!

Corine and Scott Haverfield
Nampa ID


Married April 16, 2004


Coordinator:  6 
Minister:  10+
Photographer: 10+++ 
Videographer:  10+ 
Flowers:  10 
Cake & Toast:  10 
Musician:  10 
Hair & Makeup:  10+ 
Site:  10+++ 
Recommendation and reservations for post ceremony dinner : 10
Masseuse: 9

PERFECT!!! Forget the wedding bloopers or horror stories seen on prime time T.V. 
A Paradise Dream Wedding made this day AS GOOD IT GETS.  Since Scott and I rented a house right beside the cove, we saw countless weddings by numerous different companies.  Bottom line, I felt sorry for many of the other couples because they receiving very poor support.  If they would have seen the way our wedding was handled, the bride might have opted out for an immediate annulment...Bottom line, just because a person has a camera, doesn't make them a photographer. Our philosophy going into this was that if we were making the effort of traveling to Hawaii and no family was present, then the video and photographs would even be that much more important, as that would be the only way we would be sharing this moment with our loved ones.  Cutting costs on the moment of a lifetime was not acceptable for us.  We were looking for the very HIGHEST quality, professionalism, and service. It is difficult to filter through all the different websites and feel secure in a such an important, once in a lifetime choice. A Paradise Dream Wedding made us both feel very secure in our decision.  This feeling was only ridiculously magnified and reinforced after I saw the way other wedding coordinators provided (or rather did not provide) services rendered.  No other company CAME even HALFWAY CLOSE to A Paradise Dream Wedding, and we saw about 10 different weddings.  Our pictures were gorgeous.  If I wasn't there, I would have thought we were superimposed over postcards. To wrap it up: Not all Wedding companies are created equally.  If you care about quality, there is no other option, believe me, I saw it.    

Scott and Seana Jones
Oklahoma City, OK




Married March 10, 2004


Coordinator: 9
Minister: 10
Photographer: 15+ (MOST EXCELLENT)
Flowers: 10
Musician: 10+  (VIOLINIST)
Limo: 10+
Hair & Makeup: 15+ (AMAZING)

We faced last minute problems with rain before the wedding and the coordinator and photographer were immediately finding other accommodations exceeding my expectations and easing my nervousness.  The replacement location turned out to be more beautiful than we could have hoped for.  We were a bit nervous about everything coming together well since we were having the ceremony in Hawaii, so far from home, but they had everything organized very nicely and always on schedule. The violinist was very thorough in making sure she played what we wanted and had lots of ideas to help us choose. Where do I start on the hair/makeup artist, Sue.  I instantly fell in love with her and her ability to just know exactly what I wanted with little direction, and the make-up was so natural, but enhancing.  She is truly a professional!!

Jim and Holly Henderson
Plano, TX


Married March 8, 2004


Minister: 10+
Photographer: 10++
Flowers: 10
Hair & Makeup:9
Site: 10


Hands down the best way to get married! I wasn't disappointed with a single aspect of the entire wedding. Everything met or exceeded my expectations. And we have scads of breathtaking pictures to remember the day with for a lifetime. Thank you for a wonderful and memorable wedding!

Melissa and Jared Wilkinson
Carthage, MO


Married March 2, 2004


Coordinator: 9
Minister: 10
Photographer: 10
Videographer: 10
Flowers: 10
Musician: 10
Limo: 10
Hair & Makeup: 10
Site: 10

A Paradise Dream Wedding was above and beyond our expectations.  Everything from the flowers, location, and service was beautiful.  They made every effort to make our day special.  It was truly the greatest day of our lives and our pictures are a testament to this.  We would recommend that everyone get married in Maui!

Andrea & Wes Irwin
Milwaukee, WI


Married February 14, 2004


Coordinator: 9
Minister: 10
Photographer: 10
Flowers: 10
Hair & Makeup: 9
Site: 10+

I just want to say that our wedding day was the most perfect day ever.  The Cove at Makena was the most perfect and beautiful spot.  I saw some other pictures of a wedding on your web site and didn't have to think twice about the wedding location.  Jennifer, our coordinator was very helpful and all of the planning was very stress free!!!  I had absolutely no worries whatsoever.  Our pictures turned out perfect!  We couldn't be happier, if we had it to do over again, we wouldn't change a thing!!!   Thank you so much for helping to make our day more perfect than either of us could have ever dreamed!!!!!

Brent & Kim Crubaugh
Prescott Valley, AZ


Married February 12, 2004


Coordinator: 7
Minister: 10
Photographer: 10
Flowers: 10
Hair & Makeup: 10
Site: 9

Thank you so much for making the wedding so enjoyable! We had a great time, and everyone loved the pictures! The Cove location was beautiful. The minister was wonderful and added a very personal touch to the ceremony. The flowers were gorgeous. The hair and makeup in the room turned out perfect. Everyone was so nice to work with, and Gordon made it so much fun -- so much better than those traditional wedding pictures! We would highly recommend it to anyone considering getting married on Maui. Thank you for making our wedding something we will never forget!

Lana DuRant and Jim Juritsch
Richmond, VA


Married January 30, 2004


Coordinator: 9
Minister: 10+
Photographer: 10+
Videographer: 10 
Flowers: 10

You and your staff helped make our dream wedding come true, what better way to be married than to feel the sun warm your face, feel gentle breeze caress your skin while the sand tickles your toes, hear the rhythm of the ocean and feel the true spirit of aloha calling your soul ...Jorge & I cannot begin to express our heartfelt thanks for arranging and capturing the moments of our most important day. Here we are nearly three months following our wedding and we are still in awe every time we look at our pictures and watch our video. Mere words cannot begin to convey how much Tino's ceremony means to us. His presentation came from his heart. Our family and friends who have seen him on our video are lulled by his soothing voice and touching words. Despite a couple of gotchas, we're still amazed at the ease of having a wedding arranged from such a distance. It truly is the only way to be married.

Jorge & Faith Hoffman
Leominster, MA


Married January 28, 2004


Absolutely we would rank all services at a ten -- seriously! We're amazed at the photos and all guests have commented that our wedding was the best they have ever been to.
Too bad we couldn’t get married every year. Everything was perfect from the condo and staff to Susan helping as well as our minister's presence. Thank you so much for your time-please feel free to use us as a reference any time.

Carrie and Brent Larose
Calgary, Canada


Married January 22, 2004


Coordinator: 10. Jennifer was awesome! She was so pleasant and detailed during the whole process.
Minister: 9. He was a soothing influence for us during the ceremony
Photographer: 10. Gordon you made photo taking fun. We appreciated the extra time that you took with us. The pictures are beautiful. We will treasure them always.
Flowers: 8
Cake & Toast: 8
Musician: 8
Limo: 7
Hair & Makeup: 8
Site: 9-not convenient in a wedding dress but so beautiful that it was worth it

Mauricio and Donna Hernandez
Woodland Hills, CA


Married January 12, 2004


Coordinator: 10
Minister: 10 
Photographer: 10
Videographer: 12 (can we give Matt a "12" for better than excellent?)
Flowers: 10 (WOW that was a unique and wonderful bouquet)
Catering: n/a (although you catered to my needs very well!)
Limo: 10 (he was fantastic - even gave us a cultural lesson on the way to the ceremony - unforgettable man!)
Hair & Makeup: 12 (Teresa was very friendly and really eased my nerves for those first few moments of the big day)
Site: 10 (both sites were perfect)
Other: 10 for the wedding licensing person. She was very kind to us. She took a photo of all three of us together and I really wish I had her info so I could get a copy of the photo.

Gordon, you and your team are fantastic. They redefine excellence in my mind (and I'm a very particular customer).Your photography is second to none. Matt, the videographer, was ever-so-friendly and helped me laugh at those stressful moments (I'm still kicking myself for not hiring him for another three hours to cover the reception at Mulligan's on the Blue!). Keiko was friendly and warm. Diana was very nurturing and did a great job soothing my nerves. Jennifer did a fabulous job answering all my zillions of jittery, nervous emails. Every detail was perfect, just as I asked. The minister catered to our needs perfectly (and with a family comprised of Catholics, Southern Baptists, Lutherans, and Agnostics - that's no modest feat). Ernie, the limo driver arrived early and was professional and very patient (and even gave us a Hawaiian cultural lesson on the way!). Teresa, the makeup artist and hair designer, made the "getting ready" stress disappear. Tell your future brides to call me if they need any help in making the decision to pay a little extra for these services. They took the anxiety out of the day, so I could enjoy myself. It's worth the few dollars extra to be able to wake up and be relaxed the whole day, it really is. Our photos were beautiful - the best I've ever seen - ever. The photography and sound was perfect on our DVD. Mahalo for making our special day flawless. God bless you and your loved ones.

Jennifer and Erik Andresen
Sacramento, CA


Married January 9, 2004


Coordinator: 9
Minister: 10
Photographer: 10 
Flowers: 9
Hair & Makeup: 10  Very nice ladies!
Site: 10 Beautiful

People loved our pictures and thought they were too perfect to be real. Some accused us of having a fake back drop.  I am very happy that we decided to work with you.  you made every thing so stress free.  I was worried because of how little work I had to do.  You did it all!!

Bert and Michelle Zimmerman
West Des Moines, IA