Because of your team, our Maui dream wedding came true flawlessly!

October 10, 2014

It was Gordon's online portfolio that immediately caught my eye the first time.  I knew I wanted him to create the images of our Maui dream wedding.  Within 24hours of email inquiry, I was emailed by Jayanne (coordinator) and she was so informative.  I was able to speak with her personally after and she was so helpful and sweet…made me feel like planning a destination is such a breeze, "you have nothing to worry about" she insisted…I knew I didn't need to shop elsewhere for a wedding planner and photographer. |
With that said, a year later here we are:
WOW WOW WOW!!!  Kyle and I cannot begin to tell you how thankful we are.  Because of your team, our Maui dream wedding came true flawlessly!  We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures Gordon (main photographer) and Arien (2nd photographer) created, they are STUNNING!!!  And Mami, your picture editing is perfect…just breathtaking!  Our experience with your team was so easy, smooth, and more importantly, stress-free!  Jayanne's recommendations, suggestions, and advice throughout the entire process was phenomenal.  With date changes, venue changes, bridal party changes, all the way to hiring a limo 4 hours before the wedding, she still got it done so nicely!   I could not have done it all without her…she is a GEM!!!  She recommended Gannon's Lower Knoll for ceremony and Gannon's restaurant for reception, both an ideal choice for us and our rather large party.  On our wedding day, Shena (onsite person) was on point considering we had a party of 50 plus guests!  That’s never easy.  The guitar musician, Louise, added that extra aloha touch to our dream Maui wedding, just beautiful.  Our minister, Tino, wow he was perfect…so amazing…he did such a wonderful job making our wedding ceremony so special and meaningful!!!  And then there was Brian (videographer)…we watch it over and over…just beautiful, the music and all!!!  LOVE IT!!!  Our expectations have clearly been EXCEEDED in every way!!  My family and friends are still talking about this wedding!!  We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We will have these beautiful memories to look back to forever. Many many blessings to you all!!!!

Genuinely Thankful,

Kyle and Gina Roberts
Las Vegas, NV
Married at Gannon's in Wailea on September 17th, 2014
Maui Wedding PhotographersGordon Nash + Arien Sherman
Photo Editor: Mami Horie 
Wedding Coordinator: Jayanne Jefferys