Jayanne is the sweetest and nicest person I've worked with throughout my entire planning process!

September 30, 2014

I planned a wedding in Maui from Philadelphia and Jayanne was single-handedly the most helpful person I came across. Although she wasn't my full time coordinator, she was attentive and reliable just the same. She was prompt with responding back through email or phone whenever I had a question. She really went and above and beyond to help me on numerous occasions. She's also the sweetest and nicest person I've worked with throughout my entire planning process and I highly recommend her to help with your wedding without hesitation.

Gordon was my main photographer and Arien was the second photographer. They both were so easy to work with. On numerous occasions Gordon has gone above and beyond to make sure we had enough awesome photos to choose from. On technique, him and his team are on point. Mami was the photo editor and the pictures she edited looked like it came out of a magazine. There are plenty of great photographers on Maui but Gordon is definitely head of the pack. My husband and I are so happy with Gordon and his photo crew.

我在夏威夷,貓意岛举办了我的婚姻儀式。Jayanne是我的一位好朋友、在这场婚姻仪式她給了我最大的帮忙。虽然她不是个婚姻主持人,但是在这个婚姻仪式所須要的一切步驟她都很投入地很有責任性地做好我所須要的帮助。当我有问題給她電话或是e Mail 给她,她总是会马上尽快回復我。在这个婚姻仪式过程中,她真是一位最可爱最親切最有信賴地同我合作的一位好朋友。我在此給各位朋友一个最高的推薦如果你要举办婚姻别再犹猭请她來帮忙。

在我的婚姻仪式里Gordon 是我的主要摄影师。Arien 是个復配摄影师. Mami 是个像片加工艺术家。 他们俩都很友善、很容易交友的人。在摄影方面取被景也好、个人姿势也好都很有耐心、很有創意地去选择。保证照片的精采。他们会给你照好多像片让你有足夠的照片去选择。他们的摄影技术高,照出来的像片可像雜誌上的明星片、很美观。
夏威夷貓意岛有好多摄影师,但是Gordon决对是最好的一位。我和我先生很满意Gordon 摄影师和他的成員。

I am very happy with A Paradise Dream Wedding. Jayanne is seriously the most awesome person and the sweetest person ever. I have met other planners that have lied to me and tried to serve themselves but Jayanne always made me feel comfortable and was very honest in her work. Thanks for everything!
Le Le & Yuan
Married at lovely Laniupoko Private Estate on September 9th, 2014
Maui Wedding PhotographersGordon Nash + Arien Sherman
Photo Retoucher: Mami Horie
Wedding Coordinator: Jayanne Jefferys