Picture Perfect Wedding Photo Tips

May 21, 2014

On your wedding day you want to look as good as you feel inside. First of all, get some comfortable shoes. Here in the islands, you can still look great and wear sandals. No need for high heels here on the beach! Actually we have had some savvy brides wear sneakers under their dress and nobody knew! Sneakers sure are great for climbing on the lava rocks at the beach during the photo session.

Next get a dress that is easy to move around in and allows you to dance for the camera. Movement in your pictures adds interest and depth. No need for a long train to weigh you down and get you all hot and sweaty.

Treat yourself to a beauty and spa experience right in the comfort of your room. The day before the wedding get a facial, manicure, pedicure and a massage therapist for the two of you. Go to bed early, and be sure to drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself for the wedding day marathon.

On your wedding day eat a good breakfast that consist of high carbs such as oatmeal, fruits etc. to give you that extra boost of energy for the photo session. Have a hair and makeup professional come to your room for personal service. These professionals are specifically trained in techniques to make you look gorgeous in your wedding photos. Get a trial run the day before if you have the time and budget for it. This will eliminate many of your pre-wedding jitters. Your hair should be dry and most stylists recommend washing your hair the night before the event. Don’t forget to bring photos from magazines of how you would like your hair and make up styled. We have seen brides with fake eyelashes falling off and makeup smearing when applied by themselves or friends. If your wedding is in the afternoon on a windy beach, make sure not to wear your hair down loose. It is a photographer's nightmare when the brides hair is blowing in her face!

Crying on wedding days is common, so be sure to use waterproof makeup. For outdoor locations especially in the afternoon when trade-winds start to blow, you should consider wearing your hair up with lots of styling product to keep it out of your face during the ceremony and photos.

For the wedding bring water, power bars and plenty of sunscreen for outdoor locations. Also, the bride should bring long lasting lipstick and a powder compact to the ceremony because there is a lot of kissing for the cameras and it's nice to be able to do touch ups every 10 kisses or so. All grooms should bring a hand towel from the hotel to dab the sweat on their foreheads! Also for the grooms, don't wear shorts if your bride is wearing a knock out formal dress. It just doesn't match up well in the photos.

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