Be on our Website!


Aloha Christine and Ron,

Hope you both are doing well and congratulations once again on your awesome wedding!

Your wedding was one of our favorites and we would love to include  your wedding on our website as a featured event with a testimonial. Could you please reply to this email with a short note on your experience with us? 4 or or more sentences would be really nice. Please mention your photographer, minister, coordinator, photo retoucher or other staff member if they did a great job. If you would like for privacy purposes to have just your first names appear please let us know.

Also if there are areas we could improve please let us know in a separate paragraph.

By the way, we are interested in submitting your wedding to some magazines or wedding blogs on the internet for possible publication. Would you be interested in this?
Wishing you two all the best. Mahalo nui loa! 

Gordon Nash
Mami Horie