1 on 1 photography workshops with Gordon Nash

Each One Day Private Workshop

You will join Gordon Nash in his studio to learn his artistic and business techniques. Each workshop includes all teaching materials & computer usage. Breakfast and lunch are included. All images produced during workshop are yours to use in your portfolio and business. This workshop/travel expense may be used as business expense. Please consult with your accountant for eligibility .

What to bring:

Lots of questions!, DSLR camera, swim suit & sunscreen!


Private Workshop Sessions Choices


Portraits, Art of Directing

How to  pose & shoot fine art portraits. Includes Gordon sharing all his techniques and special tricks to help you shoot wedding,engagement & family portrait photography sessions. Posing tips and special shooting techniques to make your portraits look candid yet artistic. Computer retouching techniques in Lightroom & Photoshop.


Beautiful Landscapes
How to shoot people artfully in incredible landscapes. Techniques for using large and shallow depth of field, silhouettes & remote flash in your landscape images.


Film is not Dead: Shooting Film, Techniques for the beginner to advanced level
How to shoot both portraits and landscapes with a film camera. Techniques and tips to enhance color, shoot B&W and make film choices.


The Art of Cinematography
How to shoot DSLR video and import and edit your footage. How to use a DSLR camera to get that cinematography look. Editing techniques and tips for finishing your movie.  How to get great audio and how to edit for good sound.


On Lighting: Strobe, Reflectors & Scrims
How to use lighting techniques when natural lighting is not optimum. Remote lighting for sunset photos, using reflectors for backlighting and how to shoot midday when all you have is awful harsh direct lighting.


Business of Wedding Photography
How to build your business with techniques for, website production, SEO, selling, accounting, branding, social media and advertising. I can focus on whichever topic you are most interested and custom develop the workshop curriculum to meet your needs.


Please call/text Gordon to book your workshop or for questions. 808-298-7448 or gordon@mauiwedding.net

After you purchase your workshop please email or call and let me know which workshops you want and any special request that you may have.