Gordon is a Stylish and Creative Artist!

May 30, 2014

Aloha Gordon,

Paradise Dream provides a predominant service compared with others such as to quickly response our requests. We had a very happy time with Gordon who is our photographer. In my first impression of Gordon, he is a stylish and creative artist who is quite knowledgeable and professional on modeling field. He is also good at social communication and understand Asian culture. Moreover, my whole families and friends quite love our wedding images and praise his professional skills. Choosing Paradise Dream is a perfect decision making.   
对比其他的照相馆,Paradise Dream 提供了一个优越的服务比如快速回应了我们的要求。我们与我们的摄影师有段非常愉快的摄影时间。我对Gordon的第一印象他是一个时尚又富有创作性艺术家。在造型领域上,具有非常知识性的和专业性的。他很健谈,也了解亚洲文化。另外,我的全家人和朋友特别喜欢我们的婚纱照,对他的专业拍照技术给予了很高的评价。选择Paradise Dream是个完美的决定。
Chelsea & Philip's wedding photos at pristine Makena Cove, Maui on May 6th, 2014.

Maui Beach Wedding PhotographersGordon Nash
Photo Retoucher: Mami Horie