Thank you to the entire team at APDW for creating an unforgettable day and sharing with us the day we became Husband and Wife!

April 28, 2014

Dear A Paradise Dream Wedding Team,

We can't express our sincere appreciation enough for all that A Paradise Dream Wedding provided for us on our special day! Jayanne, our wedding coordinator, was absolutely wonderful! She was always available and quick to respond from the most detailed of emails to simplest "calming" reassurance that we were going to have a fabulous stress-free day...and she was right! We first found Gordon Nash and his amazing team by planning our honeymoon in Maui in hopes of having some special photos taken while there. Gordon's photography and team caught our attention like no other photographer we had ever seen, and through a few emails with Jayanne, she easily convinced us that a destination wedding on the wonderful island of Maui was perfect for us,so we decided to forgo our home wedding...I wouldn't have done it any other way and recommend A Paradise Dream Wedding to anyone and everyone who contemplates a destination wedding. 

Gordon's calm and caring personality kept us as ease during our ceremony and his photographs have both of us and all of our friends and family speechless! Arien Sherman's work alongside Gordon was above and beyond anything we could have imagined and he fit right in with both of us, keeping the mood light and comical. Rev. Tino Rosete was our minister and how perfect to have someone we never met before join us in marriage and make us feel like he had known us all along. His sincere words of love and wisdom paired with his sweet sense of humor kept us smiling, laughing and engaged all at the same time. Shena was our on-site coordinator and a wonderful face of comfort as we arrived at the ceremony. She had every thing ready and waiting for us, it was so beautiful! She did a great job helping with last minute details and gave me the ease of having the companionship of another woman present. 

Liz was my in-room hair and makeup artist and we had such a fun time visiting and laughing! Liz did an outstanding job on both my hair and makeup and I've never looked better! I had so many compliments on my hair and makeup and what a relief to have such a great person like Liz pamper me on my special day, it was more than just getting my hair and makeup done and well worth it. 

Hide produced our featurette video and ceremony video. Unbelievable work! We are astounded by the work Hide did with our videos. Everyone who has watched has cried and we (mostly just me) have watched it a dozen times in the past couple weeks. What a great way to remember our once in a lifetime day! The videos are priceless and what remarkable quality! We will share this with not only our friends and family now, but our children in years to come! 

Gordon's final production of photographs captured EVERYTHING we could have imagined and MORE! He went above and beyond our expectations and delivered a perfect day...a paradise dream wedding for sure!!!! Mami's artistic touch to our photos create a serene finish and brings out the glow that we felt on our wedding day! Thank you to the entire team at APDW for creating an unforgettable day and sharing with us the day we became Husband and Wife!

Mick and Joni Jaggers
Married on March 31st, 2014 at Gannon's, Wailea, Maui

Maui Beach Wedding PhotographersGordon Nash + Arien Sherman
Wedding Coordinator: Jayanne Jefferys
Photo Retoucher: Mami Horie
Videographer: Hide Yoshikawa