Thank you Casey Mier and Kristi Kalfut 12/6/13

December 19, 2013

Thanks Jayanne for your thank you and congratulations note. It's funny that you sent this today. Exactly one year ago we got engaged. :)

We are heading back to mainland tomorrow but we have very much enjoyed the Hawaiian islands for our wedding and honeymoon. It's been lovely!

You all really felt like family to us and the wedding day was very nice. So glad Gordon and Ian joined us for a bit at the luau. It was so nice. Thank you SO MUCH for all the planning. You are so welcome on the gratuity :)

I wish we were able to spend just a little more time on Maui but gives us an excuse to come back hopefully again. I think it's my favorite island. We've seen all but Molokai and Kaui now. All very nice though.

Thanks again.
Kristi Mier